Creative Ukrainian Fair

28 Jan 2024, St Helliers Community Center, 12-4 PM

Come and join us for a day of art, fun, learning, music, food and friends!


All about love, support, and gratefulness. 

We are happy to share these with you: 

  • presenting the wonderful photo exhibition “Kia Kaha Ukraine” by Ukrainian photographer Yaryna, which features touching stories of New Zealanders wearing Ukrainian clothes;

  • delivering a big THANK YOU message right from Ukraine through the drawings by children from an art school


ʼDrama masterclass’ - delivered by Dasha Volga, an Internationally acclaimed filmmaker and European Theatre practitioner, a founder of New Zealand’s Film&Drama school @filmkidsnz. (14:30 in Library)


Enjoy Ukrainian hospitality, traditional food, live musical performance by international artist Dasha Volga, meet friends, and converse! (13:00-14:30 at Main Hall)


Share with us our passion to learn something new! Join us for a creative masterclass in Traditional doll making(15:00-16:00 at Bay Room), or stretch your body limits at a yoga class (12:00-13:00 at Deck)!

Ukraine: A War Diary of Lives

Thursday 8 June UNTIL Sunday 2 July 2023,

Estuary Art Center

(214 Hibiscus Coast Highway, Orewa 0931)

Mon-Thu: 9AM – 4PM, Fri: 9AM – 3PM, Sat-Sun: 10AM – 3PM

FREE admission

On the trail of Ukrainians under the invasion, Estuary Art Centre in Orewa opened a new exhibition about people of Ukraine under conditions of total war. It is a unique synthesis of a standalone exhibition from the Auckland War Museum and commemoration event in the Sydney Town Hall by respective local Ukrainian Communities, special series of art works by Kiwi sculptor, and series of war victims’ stories by non-government organisation from Ukraine recently displayed on the streets of main cities of New Zealand.

Fundraising Ukrainian Lunch and Art Auction

Saturday 1 July at Estuary Art Center, 13:00pm

214 Hibiscus Coast Highway, Orewa 0931

It was a beautiful day of Ukrainian Art and Cuisine. We welcomed 60 participants on the day, including special guests and members of the Ukrainian community.

Lunch was prepared by Ukrainian volunteer group "Chevrona Kalyna" and included: Borsch (UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Ukraine), Varenyky (Ukrainian dumplings with potato and onions),Uzvar (a compote made from dried fruits and berries), Honey Cake, Poppy buns and Cherry Pie.

During the event we had a music performance by Ukrainian actress, movie director, singer and songwriter Dasha Volga, a presentation of her video clip for the song "Don't You" and showed a short movie about "Borsch".

All Lunch guests had an opportunity to bid on some unique artworks from various professional and amateur artists in a Silent Auction during the event. All paintings from Ukrainian artists are drawn on their Ukrainian heritage as an inspiration. Our special artwork was a limited-edition print from an internationally renowned Ukrainian photographer from Australia - Olena Levkivska. All proceeds went directly on account of Tautoko Charitable Trust which supports the most urgent needs in Ukraine.

"Vinok" workshop. Traditional flower wreath making.

Saturday 17 June at Estuary Art Center, 10:00 AM

214 Hibiscus Coast Highway, Orewa 0931

Over 20 participants came and joined us to make a traditional Ukrainian wreath - Vinok. The workshop was led by the Ukrainian community members, and 10 people were involved in teaching making wreaths.
The flower wreath remains part of Ukrainian national attire and is worn on festive occasions and on holy days, and increasingly in daily life as a part of a wider cultural revival.
The workshop took approximately 2 hours, everyone went home with their own flower wreath and we were happy to share a part of our traditional heritage with New Zealanders.

Thanks to informational partnership with Doc Edge Festival we have displayed our war photographs from the exhibition for the time of the show of these movies in Auckland, Capitol Cinema

"Iron butterflies"

Director: Roman Liubyi

Producer: Andrii Kotliar, Volodymyr Tykhyy, David Armati Lechner, Isabelle Bertolone, Trini Götze

Country: Ukraine, Germany

Language: Dutch, English, Russian, Ukrainian

Year: 2023

Duration: 84 mins

Premiere: Asia PacificGenre: Crime, Politics, War/Conflict/RefugeesCategory: Crime & Conspiracy

25th May, 18:30PM, The Capitol Cinema, Auckland

18 Jun, 3:30 PM, The Roxy Cinema, Wellington

The tragic incident of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, which was shot down over eastern Ukraine on 17 July 2014, killing all 298 people on board, is the focus of director Liubyi’s film. It not only sheds light on the reality of the attack but also examines the possible consequences of the ongoing war in Ukraine and the West's relationship with Russia. Despite voluminous evidence, including physical artifacts like butterfly-shaped shrapnel found in the bodies of the pilots, the Russian government and media immediately denied the truth.

20 Days in Mariupol

Director: Mstyslav ChernovProducer: Michelle Mizner

Country: Ukraine

Language: English, Ukrainian

Year: 2023

Duration: 95 mins

Premiere: Asia Pacific

Genre: War/Conflict/Refugees

Category: Our World, Our Stories

Wed 31 May 8:30 PM The Capitol Cinema, Auckland

Wed 14 Jun 8 PM The Roxy Cinema, Wellington

Seasoned war journalist and first-time feature director Chernov uses his personal footage and daily dispatches for The Associated Press to offer a vivid and harrowing account of the siege of Mariupol. Through his lens, we see the toll of war on civilians, the horrors of dying children, mass graves, and the bombing of a maternity hospital. As the only international reporters who remain in the city, Chernov and a team of AP journalists capture defining images of the war that made headlines around the world. 


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