Why Ukraine can't stop fighting

Exhibition "The Colours of Ukraine",
Papakura museum, Auckland

Guest's Speech, 15-October-2022

Kia ora koutou! 

Ukrainians are people whose sturdy core
Has never broken been by any knave.
No matter plague, no matter bale,
It has revived much stronger than before. 

Moscovia, so long you’ve ravened us:
You used, assimilated, silenced, robbed en masse,
You starved, deported, tortured, raped, and killed,
But Cossacks freedom spirit never kneeled.

If one decides to read, what is considered, Ukrainian classical literature, it’s easy to notice a common theme of struggle against foreign occupants. This doom, sadly, has been shadowing Ukrainian people for centuries – rich lands torn apart by colonists from every side, ever since disintegration of the medieval Kyivan state and then - fading of King Danylo’s bloodline.

Russian occupations have always been the most devastating and inhuman, and it was very challenging for Ukrainian culture to survive in circumstances, in which others were obliterated – Crimean Tatars, for instance, were not so much lucky, not to mention dozens of others most have never heard about. Through history, it has been the main principle of Moscovian expansion and domination – Steal, Erase & Replace - like if there were nothing before. If the people stop speaking own language, making traditional art, drop clothes, culture and forget history – it disappears, like if it never existed – it stops being a history, but becomes just somebody’s private memories.

That’s why Ukraine can’t stop fighting, because if it does stop, there will be no Ukraine. “You cannot reason with a tiger when your head is in his mouth” – Winston Churchill’s metaphor perfectly reflects the position in which Ukraine has found itself after being invaded by Moscow, save that today it’s clear for everyone, who cares watching and thinking, that Moscow is no tiger, and its mouth is half teethless now. But it’s still resourceful, terrorising and stinks with lies and threats to the whole world.

So, it’s very important that all good people and states stand united and continue to support Ukraine till the Moscow flees back to its natural habitats – capitulated, disarmed and paying for its crimes – decisively discouraging other autocrats from similar ambitions, so the era of peace can come to the whole planet, to its many yellow fields under the blue sky.

Hope, everyone will enjoy "The Colours of Ukraine".

Thank you!

Kyrylo Cyril K.


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